Partizanski Put bb 17500 Vranje Srbija
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Since 1997 when the company was founded with its seat in Vranje, its name "NEŠA KOMERC" doo has represented a synonym for wholesale and retail in the field of trade, i.e. import-export and purchase of fruit and vegetables.

Since the foundation of the company, the founder and director of the Company Nebojša Mladenović has set a clear aim to the company to operate successfully with the daily expansion of the market and the tendency of going to the market of Europe and gaining it.

Today, "NEŠA KOMERC" is the region leading company, which is an open and dynamic system where mostly young people are employed who are ready to cope with the objectives of the company and to respond to all the needs of the business environment.
From its modern offices, storage space and by an extensive sales network they do the wholesale and retail fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.
It continues to develop and grow by its great dedication and professional attitude towards business activities and everyday improving, because it works continuously to improve the quality of business which is the primary task of all employees.

Ripening rooms for bananas

Computerized chambers for storing and ripening of bananas with all the equipment

Granular goods

the space for packing with additional equipment: a machine for packing of granular goods, a compressor unit, a vacuuming machine

Customs depot

Part of the company is customs depot

Thanks to the breadth of our product range, we are able to offer the sale of mixed pallets with about 40 different high-quality products, as well as transportation to the requested location. Our product range is divided into: fruits, vegetables, citrus fruit, dry fruit and nuts. We import from: Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Argentina, Tunisia, India, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Poland, Holland ... From countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Argentina, India, Ecuador, China we obtain the commodities in containers so that we take them over mainly in the port of Thessaloniki, and we take over a part of them in the port of Bar and the port of Rijeka.

In the Company’s range of products in addition to fruit and vegetables, there is a wide range of granular products: beans, rice, peanuts, chickpeas, lentils, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios ...

By expanding the range of its activities the company has had a "tunnel" machine since 2003 (and beside it: a mixer for blend preparation, mixers, a lifting basket, a gas fryer, a peanut cooling machine) for frying and roasting peanuts. At the end of the year 2010 it began trading and distribution of alcoholic beverages (distributor for ouzo "Tsantali", "Meltemi", "Gatsios", "Ammos") and non-alcoholic beverages.

We distribute goods to customers throughout Serbia by our own vehicles, so that we are able to deliver goods safely and quickly. In our car fleet we have 21 vehicles, of which 9 trucks and 6-trailers (refrigerator trucks), and 6 "Sprinter" vans.

Our primary goals are high quality and competitive prices of our products.

We are proud of our achievements, but we are also motivated by frequent changes in our environment that taught us to recognize and exploit the market situations.

We are focused on the future, on a continuous learning and development, on the formulation of new ideas that will allow us to penetrate new markets, expand distribution network, but also to gain the trust of new customers and retain already gained trust in the brand "Neša Commerce".